Be more active,
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with Reliant.

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Reliant helps cells recover faster.

You will feel and perform better with the power of
Reliant Recovery Water in your wellness routine.

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Drinking Reliant helps you be
more active for a healthier,
stronger you.

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Discover how Reliant can help your muscles
recover faster, reducing pain and soreness
caused by activity and exercise.

Proven by Science

Multiple research studies
validate Reliant’s unique
recovery benefits.

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Hear what others are saying about Reliant:

I don’t have to worry about soreness
or fatigue during or after activity.

Hank Dennewith - Cycling and Reliant Enthusiast

Helps prevent muscle damage by reducing postexercise inflammation.

Journal of Applied Physiology

Reliant is essential for athletes looking to go to the next level.

Jim Ryun - World Record Holder (1500m) / US Olympian